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Starknet House 2022

The first edition of Starknet House ran from June 2022 to August 2022. This year’s program saw ten leading experts in the StarkNet ecosystem deliver in-depth lectures on numerous topics of interest within the industry, ranging from the development of on-chain games that leverage Starknet’s zk-STARK technology to the design and implementation of DeFi protocols that are quick and inexpensive to operate.

​Since its inception, Starknet House has grown to over 800 people strong, culminating in a global Hackathon event, in which over 50 independent teams competed by developing open-sourced projects using Cairo, Starknet’s native coding language.

​​The 2022 edition of Starknet House is now complete. Congratulations to all who participated in our Sessions and Hackathon. Starknet House will return in 2023!

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