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Global Starknet House Hackathon 2022

5-Day Hackathon | August 11th - 15th 2022

Hackathon Description


We want to gather the best tinkerers around the world and help them realize their visions of innovation on Starknet. 

This hackathon is an opportunity for Starknet House to witness innovation on Starknet in a short amount of time. We're hopeful and incredibly excited to see projects with potential and developers with great talent. 


This hackathon is an opportunity to apply what you have learned and build a project on Starknet in a short period. The hackathon is open to ALL Starknet House participants, whether you're a seasoned developer or just started learning at the beginning of the program.



Who can compete?

ANYONE! We hope that everyone who has an interest in learning about Starknet and building on it can do so. If you didn't complete all of the attendance forms for the program thus far, don't worry about that. We want all of you to have the chance at participating in the Hackathon and competing for the top spot!


  • Teams of 1-6 people

  • Teams must register by Tuesday, August 9th at 6 PM EST

  • Teams must build on Starknet

  • Teams must start and end the project during the 5-day Hackathon period



  • 8/11, 5:30 PM EST: Introductory Call

  • 8/11, 6 PM EST: Hackathon Begins

  • 8/15, 6 PM EST: Hackathon Ends

  • 8/15, 6 PM EST - 8/22, 6 PM EST: Judging Panel

  • 8/22: Winners Announcement


Judging Criteria & Procedure:


  • Leveraging StarkNet (25%)

  • Originality (20%)

  • Demo (20%)

  • Gut feeling on impact/potential (20%)

  • Quality of code & documentation (15%)


  • PHASE 1: Projects will be divided evenly among pairs of judges for evaluation. The highest-scoring projects from each pair of judges will be moved onto Phase 2.

  • PHASE 2: Project finalists in Phase 2 will be evaluated individually by all judges. The three highest-scoring projects will be the winners!​



Submission Requirements:

Every team competing in the Hackathon must fill out the submission form before 6 PM EST, Monday, August 15th with these items:

  • Team name

  • Team member name

  • Twitter accounts and Discord IDs

  • Project name and description (<100 words)

  • Project GitHub address

  • Project demo video (<5 min)

Our Judges

Startnet House is honored to welcome 12 STARKNET PIONEERS as the Starknet House Hackathon's judges for 2022!


Track 1

Minimal interactable Starknet-native applications

Starknet provides long-term scalable computation to blockchains and, as such, calls for applications whose mechanics are different from what has been established on L1 blockchains. Demonstrating decentralized applications that leverage this growing compute capacity in StarkNet-native ways would be valuable. One example would be to build a minimal playable game whose mechanics may sound unfamiliar but leverage the strengths of Starknet natively.















Cairo 101

If you're not yet familiar with Cairo, then our Starknet House seminars will help you get started!

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