Giwook Han

Giwook graduated with a degree in Computer Science in South Korea and is a Manufacturing Execution Systems developer and graph database engineer. He is fascinated by the concept of web3.0 and plans to make a new start as a web3.0 StarkNet developer. Having always strived to improve himself as a software engineer, he is incredibly eager to take part in StarkNet House! 

Yeon Joon Jung

Yeon Joon is a "Korean Saigonese" who lives in the U.S. and studying Computer Science at University of Washington. He is also a technology enthusiast who constantly wishes to explore new things, and he loves meeting new people and exchanging stories about his life and interesting background with them.


Yiran Shu

Yiran Shu is an architectural designer. She was first introduced to web 3.0 through the lens of creative art. As co-founder of MonsterSea, a digital asset designer DAO, she has worked on a project for Axie in Decentraland. She recently translated Henri’s StarkNet 101 tutorial into Chinese, targeting Mandarin-speaking developers. Now she is eager to learn more about Starknet and its integration with her passion for multidisciplinary art and design.

Phurinut Rungrojkitiyos (GEO)

Phurinut (GEO), an incoming freshman at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University from Thailand, is a person who enjoys exploring how to convert theoretical ideas, especially in terms of computer theories, into innovations that solve problems in the real world. During high school, he got some beginner-level experience with blockchain from the school and a competition called the International Blockchain Olympiad, in which he was selected to represent his own country in the international round. Since then, he has always looked forward to going deeper and deeper into this rabbit hole (Blockchain).

Phurinut Rungrojkitiyos.jpg