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Starknet House Fellowship 2022

Starknet House Fellowship is an accelerated variation of the Starknet House summer program designed to challenge a select group of nascent developers. Each fellow was selected through a rigorous application process and referred by industry experts to participate in the program.

To complete the fellowship, each fellow is required to attend every Weekly Session, compete in the Hackathon, and conduct self-directed, Starknet-related research on a topic of their choosing.

To aid their journey, Starknet House provided fellows with the option of in-person housing for the summer, facilitated their direct mentorship with our ecosystem partners, as well as hosted fellow-exclusive supplemental Q&A sessions with Starknet House speakers to bolster the development of their research projects.

Participating Fellows

Among our learners was a group of eight exceptional young developers who were tasked with the challenging task of tackling all that Starknet House has to offer. These talented, aspiring tinkerers, who hail from prestigious universities and quickly evolving start-up organizations around the world, gathered to engage with our Weekly Sessions, collaborate with our partnering Starknet experts, conduct independent research, and compete in our Hackathon. The following five individuals are recognized for their distinguished completion of the 2022 Starknet House Fellowship Program.


Wanying He
Duke University


Virat Talwar
Harvard University


Giwook Han

Korea National
Open University


Yeon Joon Jung

University of Washington


Namra Patel
Western University


Philip Park
Yale University


Yiran Shu

Boston Architectural College

Phurinut Rungrojkitiyos.jpg

Phurinut Rungrojkitiyos

Hong Kong
Polytechnic University

2022 Starknet House
Fellows Projects

This program was not for the faint of heart. While all of our fellows demonstrated great talent and work ethic this summer, only a number were able to achieve completion of the fellowship in its entirety successfully. It is our pleasure to distinguish the following four fellows for completing the Starknet House 2022 Fellowship.

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